Why it’s okay to employ job hoppers as sales reps

As recruiters we are known to steer clear of job hoppers, however there is an increasing trend of employers hiring job hoppers. A study done by CareerBuilder shows that by the age of 35 almost 25% of permanent employees have had 5 or more jobs and that 55% of employers have hired a job hopper! Those are some astounding statistics! But sometimes job hoppers can bring value to certain positions, for example candidates who frequently switch from job to job may have the personality and experience required to excel as a Sales Representative.

Here are 5 reasons to consider job hoppers as Sales Reps:

  1. They’re adaptable: Job hoppers are accustomed to being the new guy, they’re experienced in learning new processes and products. Not only will they adapt to your position but will be able to adapt to new challenges. These candidates are most likely to have a better understanding of certain industries and may find it easier to work with different people and businesses.
  2. They’re motivated by new opportunities: Job hoppers won’t back away when new challenges pop up, they’ll view it as a growth opportunity. Their diverse background can bring in new ideas and a different approach to outdated processes and challenges.
  3. They have an on-the-go mindset: They’re ready and willing to go! Travelling to meet clients will appeal to the sales rep who is looking to move around and do different things each day.
  4. They’ve got a valuable network: Reps who have held multiple positions are most likely to have a wide network of contacts and resources. The relationships they’ve created can help serve your business (as long as no bridges have been burned) a rep can tap into their wealth of contacts when needed.

But what if the rep leaves YOU in the lurch?

Here’s how to convince them to settle down:

  1. Offer constant engagement and room for growth
  2. Challenge and motivate them with new responsibilities

Don’t bore them! Keep them engaged and you’ll benefit from their eager and adventurous personality

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