The benefit of utilising recruitment agencies

Despite there being an increased trend in businesses to utilize search portals and hire internal recruitment staff, recruitment agencies are still yielding more successful results for a number of reasons:

  • There will always be a core need for recruiting professionals to find talent for companies and assist that talent to become hirable.
  • Your best prospective employees are not necessarily sitting on job portals and applying to adverts and are what we refer to as “passive” candidates. Even if they are not actively on the job market, chances are a good recruiter will know who they are and how to reach them. It takes immense skills to identify, locate and reach this talent and sell the opportunity to them.
  • Good recruiters will be able to advise you on shifting trends, pay scales and competitor activity which information is integral to your hiring decisions. If other businesses are battling to find the same candidates as you, recruiters will often be able to apply alternative methods to source rare skill.
  • Using a good recruitment agency should mean that you are only seeing candidates who have been pre-selected and screened to ensure that they meet all the criteria as opposed to spending wasted time sifting through heaps of advert response which may not necessarily meet your criteria.
  • If you choose your agency wisely and let them spend time getting to know you and some of your key managers, they can get a real insight into your business, its culture, what it’s like to work there and they will then be in a position to represent your organization as an employer of choice.
  • With talent shortages now potentially hindering organizational growth, it is more important than ever to have experts assisting you in your hiring process.
  • While the above predominantly refers to permanent placements, we must not forget the integral role that recruitment agencies play in their ability to bring in qualified, experienced help at short notice. These flexible solutions are particularly useful for projects, stand in’s while employees are on leave, seasonal work and increased workload.
  • There is little doubt that a busy HR team can benefit from the reach and network of a trusted recruitment agency partner.
  • Many organizations have their reasons for using agencies, it may be, among other reasons, for larger market access, time saving on screening through candidates that don’t meet the criteria or fast access to temporary staff.

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