Temporary Recruitment

Fusion Recruitment is able to supply a comprehensive range of administrative talent, including receptionists, secretaries, personal assistants, office administrators, office managers, call centre staff as well as any other staff required on a temporary basis

The staff will be placed on Fusion Recruitment’s payroll and statutory deductions are made in accordance with relevant legislation.

The skills and competencies of each and every candidate are carefully evaluated based upon the job specification and once you have selected the ideal candidate, the candidate will be directly by Fusion Recruitment.

Benefits to you include:

  • Time saved in sourcing, selecting and interviewing of candidates in that time sheets will be handled and calculated for you.
  • Disciplinary action and performance appraisals as these will be conducted by Fusion Recruitment.
  • Time, space and money saved on employee record keeping and statutory payments associated with payroll.
  • Fusion Recruitment will ensure that correct employment contracts are signed with temporary staff depending on the nature of the assignment and in accordance with current labour legislation thus reducing the risk of legal exposure.
  • Fusion Recruitment will indemnify you against any CCMA orders or awards made jointly against Fusion Recruitment and you as the client provided that the client allows us to handle any disciplinaries, retrenchments or terminations in accordance with the requirements Labour Relations Act.

Our services include:

  • Management of all HR and IR issues including discipline, poor work performance counselling, hearings.
  • Payment to temporary staff by electronic banking transfer.
  • Providing and administering employer/employee contracts and storing employee records.
  • Screening, interviewing and reference checking prospects.
  • ITC and security checks as well as qualification verification when required.
  • Deduction and payment of all statutory returns.
  • Attending to contractor queries including COID queries and claims.
  • Calculating and verify timesheets (payroll).
  • Keeping up to date with Labour Legislation.

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