How to identify high performing sales reps in an interview

The saying is true! Sales is the heart of the business!

So who wouldn’t want to better be able to identify a high sales performer in an interview?

Here’s what to look out for:

  1. The candidate can tell you about specific instances where he / she has set goals and achieved them and how he / she achieved them.
  2. The candidate can demonstrate an ability to think out of the box. Give the candidate a real life example relating to a problem you may be facing in your organization and see how the candidate responds. What organization won’t benefit from fresh ideas or a creative perspective’s.
  3. Ask about networking events he / she has attended in the last year and establish whether it was of his / her own prerogative. A candidate who attends networking events without being told to shows a willingness to go the extra mile.
  4. Presentation skills: Ask a sales candidate to promote a product or service during the interview, giving them a real objection to see if he/she ability to think on his/her feet. It may not always be the right answer but you will get a good indication of whether the candidate can handle some pressure.
  5. Passion and willingness to learn: Most Sales Managers require a person to have industry experience as a prerequisite for the job. But product knowledge can be learned, soft skills need to count as well. You can’t teach ambition so what you need is a candidate who will do anything to succeed and become an integral part of your business
  6. Figure out what motivates the candidate: Sales Reps should be motivated by money! After all, they do generally work on commission. An individual who doesn’t need to work for that extra commission is not going to necessarily give it their all
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